Anyway the Wind Blows
I Heard it On the Wind
The Void
The Sands of Time
Hi and welcome to my website. My name is Jonathan Budd and I am from Northern New Mexico although I have also lived in Houston, Denver, Los Angeles, and Northern California. I am currently residing in Central Texas. I have  played music all of my life. Below are some of my original songs. I wrote all of these and used multi-track recording to personally play a lot of the instruments myself. However, many of these tracks also feature some very talented musicians who are also my friends. 

I currently have a complete CD of my original music. It includes 10 songs and one of my signature drum solos. This CD is called, "Musical Ontology". 

Please click on the songs below to listen. to six of my songs. I hope you enjoy my music. If you would like to buy my songs for downloading, they are available for about 1 dollar each at CD Baby.  Click on this link.

 http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/jonathanbudd3, You can also download the entire album for about ten dollars. 

You can reach me at jonbudd@yahoo.com.

Thanks for visiting my website.

Jonathan Budd - drummer, singer, songwriter, and guitarist

Jonathan Budd: Musical Ontology